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Amelia and Dan: trained photojournalists delivering modern wedding and portrait images. Clients often suspect that we're magic photo ninjas. Really, it's just twenty years of combined experience, a commitment to professionalism, and the ability to read each other's minds while we are shooting (okay, maybe there is a little magic there, but only the kind that comes from being married for ten years - you'll see). If you're looking for modern photojournalism with vintage flavor, we'd love to give it to you. Call us at 843.801.2790 or email for a free consultation and a friendly wave.

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Wedding Photographer Charleston SC

One of top Wedding Photographers Charleston SC Amelia and Dan create fresh photography for happy couples. Amelia and Dan have over 20 years combined experience in Charleston wedding photography, and we are one of the best Charleston wedding photographers. Family photographs as well as documentary photography. To learn more about our wedding photography click here. To learn more about our family photography click here.

As two lead and married wedding photographers, we offer something different. Some photographers work alone, or hire a second shooter from a rotating pool. When you hire us, you get two lead journalists covering your entire Charleston wedding. What does this mean? Well, friends of the couple might go to find us, only to discover that we are right behind them already quietly photographing whatever it was they wanted us to see. We blend in, but we catch it all!

We are a team

Together for 13 years and married for 10. Not only do we know each other down to toothpaste and Netflix preferences, we know exactly how the other person is thinking during a wedding, where they will be standing, and what they will be covering. This means you get two artists who are free to play to their strengths - and nothing gets missed. (And when it comes to those formal family portraits? We’ll get you back to cocktail hour in record time.)

Family Photographer Charleston SC

Here are two things you should know about us: First, at a dinner party, we are the people who the kids gravitate toward. While the other adults are sipping stemware, we are in the backyard with the five-year-olds building plastic cup towers and throwing dance parties. In fact, we met each other at the bottom of a slip and slide ( adults). Second, we are professional, trained photojournalists. That means we don’t just take photos - we anticipate them. We respond to the mood, work in rapid succession, adjust swiftly, and always know how to be in the right spot to catch the right moment. And toddlers (so often the knee-height blurs in phone photos) have finally met their fast-break match.

What happens when you take a couple of certified kid-whisperers and throw in a combined twenty years of photojournalism experience? The kind of photo session where you can be at ease, take deep, relaxed breaths, and trust that your images are going to be beautiful. Yep, even and especially if the youngest decides to go on a rogue stick-and-acorn hunt mid-session. All the ways we play in a shoot (park exploring, beach combing) you’ll find us enjoying regularly with our daughter, Corinne, and crazy but lovable dog Ashe. We revel in the ebbs and flows of family time, and know how to earn a kid’s trust to make beautiful portraits and catch all the personality in between. Take a look at some of our family photos.

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Wedding Photography Style

Amelia and Dan's wedding photography style. Two words: Photo ninjas. ;-) Those aren't actually our words - they just keep rolling in from clients who are amazed at how unobtrusive we are on a wedding day. We want you to enjoy every moment with your closest family and friends and have a way of melting into the background so you can do just that. And because you get two lead photographers, we won’t miss a moment.

Photography Sessions

We don't cap the number of images we make on a wedding day or portrait session, nor do we restrict how many you receive as a final product. Moments make the images, and we generally find about 100 of ‘em per hour of coverage. Our average coverage time on a wedding day is 7-8 hours. We’re happy to help you structure your day’s timeline to make sure you get the most from your coverage. Our portrait sessions usually last 1-2 hours. We work hard to capture your images as close to perfection as possible right in camera while we shoot. Good images are about good composing, knowing your light, and calculating exposure as you go - not “fixing” it later! Afterward we make slight adjustments for color and brightness as needed, and if you happen to have a blemish on the wedding day (you won’t!), we will take care of that too. More extensive retouching is available for an additional charge upon request. All images are captured as digital RAW files, which gives us the option to do color or black and white. I have another question. Great! We love questions. Drop us a line here or email

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